happens in each phase. See page 231 of your text for the labeled figure. G1: “First Gap” The first part of interphase S: “Synthesis” When the chromosomes duplicate G2: “Second Gap” The last part of interphase M: In the M phase, mitosis distributes the daughter chromosomes to daughter nuclei, and cytokinesis
Mitosis. Introduction. Concept 1: Nuclear Division in Eukaryotes. Concept 2: Mitosis and the Cell Division Cycle. Concept 3: The Process of Mitosis. Concept 4: The End of Interphase: Ready for Mitosis. Concept 5: Prophase. Concept 6: Metaphase. Concept 7: Anaphase. Concept 8: Telophase. Review (1 page) Concept 9: Mitosis Animated. Practice (1 page)